Importing .obj .fbx into Rhino with textures/materials

Hi, I’m trying to purchase an interior scene to render some products in and am having a few worries about purchasing scene’s that may come without attached materials.

Could anyone advise me what file is the best to use and how to know for sure that the model will have materials and textures properly mapped.


Hi Jay - I do not know how to tell ahead of time - there may be sources that are more reliable than others in providing good quality or Rhino-ready files, but I don’t see how to tell for sure unless you have the file.


Hi Pascal,
Yea that’s the problem. Do you know any reputable places to get interior scenes that will be Rhino compatible?


Hi Jay - I do not, but I suggest starting a new thread with that question on the subject - maybe you’ll get some hints,


Hi Pascal,
Will give that a shot.