Please help with linking multiple bitmaps with .mtl file for .obj


I’m quite new with Rhino and vray rendering and would need some help understanding .mtl files.

I have purchased a model of some parquets for my interior scene, which came with all the required files (I think). It contains the .obj .mtl and a variety of bitmaps of different wood types.

After opening the .obj in rhino it was clear that the textures are not linked to the mesh…
I’ve found a solution on how to link the bitmap within the .mtl here: Import 3D model (.obj) with Textures?

But that only works with objects that have one bitmap…

In my case I have 12 different bitmaps that need to be linked to one mesh.

How do i do it? :sweat_smile: (10.4 MB)

What do you mean one mesh? You have 11 meshes in that file. If you have them joined you can run the command ‘split disjoint mesh’.

After that you should be able to just create 11 materials and assign 1 texture to each material and then 1 material to each mesh.

The .mtl file you uploaded only points to one single texture when you have 12…