Imperial Units - lbm - Assemble Model

I am using Karamba3D 1.3.3 with imperial units and can’t get the lbm output from the Assemble Model node to work properly. What settings do I need to change in the .ini file to accomplish this? I have already switched to “imperial” and “3.174” as per the comments.

Thank you.


you need to change the two inputs in the Karamba ini file:

Otherwise you can simply uninstall and reinstall the program as well.



I changed the two inputs (“imperial”, “3.174”). The 3.174 came from the commented lines above the gravity section in the .ini file. Using that value, however, results in incorrect lbm values from the “Assemble Model” component. If I switch the 3.174 value to 9.65, I get the correct lbm. My concern is that I am causing an issue somewhere else in the Karamba code by using a value of 9.65 to convert to imperial.

Hi @pbellis,
the value 9.80665 for ‘g’ should give correct values. The calculation of e.g. vibration frequencies depends on it.
Did you restart Rhino/Grasshopper after changing the value in the ini-File.
– Clemens