Units conversion issue in Karamba

I´m pretty new to Karamba but I found something I think is weird. When I change the units of the documents from meters to cm, all the properties of the Karamba materials change but the units keep the same. That creates issues when I apply those materials to my structure analysis. Does someone know if this is normal? See images attached for reference:

Materials properties for Meters.

Material properties for cm.

Hello @Enrique_Jiménez_More,
the ‘Input Length Unit’ input of the settings-component controls the physical units of the geometric input only (see e.g. https://vimeo.com/676756924). In order to change the units of the other input and output values use the karamba.ini-file (see lines 54-83 for details).
The issue with the material properties is a bug which was fixed in the latest service release of Karamba3D (see https://github.com/karamba3d/K3D_NightlyBuilds/releases) - sorry for the inconvenience.
– Clemens