Cross Section Height and Mass Values are Wrong

Case (38.2 KB)
Test Case 1.3dm (332.7 KB)

Shell height visually looks wrong when compared to the height it should be.
Also mass is way off (says 990lbm, when it should be 6lbm). this is using standard material for 6061 T6 aluminum

This is using SI units.
Im trying to run a simple simulation analyzing deflection of a sheet of 0.06" Aluminum due to its own weight.


You have not set the units properly in Karamba3D. If your rhino file is in inches, then you need to convert the Karamba input length unit to inches. Also, make sure that your UnitSystem is set to imperial, otherwise Karamba will recognise this as cm units.Make sure to recompute all components or even better place the Settings component in a blank canvas before opening your original script.

Once you do this, the shell thickness is correct and the weight of the plate is approximately 6lbs.

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Where Can I find that settings component?

Looks like my karamba.ini file is already set to imperial. and I still run into this issue. All the components show imperial units as well. (the component you show is not available on my end however it seems the .ini file accomplishes the same thing.

this is from the latest version of Karamba3D - 2.2. It seems as though you might be using the 1.3.3 version. Although it should calculate, we have noticed that in this version there are slight errors in calculating models in imperial units. You can upgrade to 2.2 for free.