Karamba3D is **m**, how to convert?

Hi,The original rhino software model is millimeter, Karamba3D is m, how to convert?

Hi @Ward

They mentioned this in their tutorial videos.

#17 – Setting Component

The recommanded way is to open a blank grasshopper document and run the Karamba3D setting component, then change the unit setting with pressing the Select button.

And it is expected to be done everytime before you run any other Karamba3D components. If you do this unit converting during the analysis process, there might be some components that wouldn’t synchronise the change.

Well,Danny, thank you for your answer!

My version is 1.3.3 and I can’t find this settings component in the video

Hi, for version 1.3.3. refer to 2.3: Physical Units - Karamba3D 1.3.3

Thanks,Matthew Tam