Images missing from post, why and how to reinstate?


I am in a project which involves reverse engineering a metal object which has some bends, made from sheet steel.
I search and see my post on such from 2015, solutions have probably moved on, but wish to refresh my mind on what was said at the time. However all the images are showing a broken icon,

why and how to I fix this ?

I tried edit post and see the link to the image, in case it was photobucket etc. I could see image name and upload again.

Rhino is an essential resource and threads often hold answers for folk, so I hope this isnt a new ‘thing’ on older posts. (5 yrs old)



There is a bunch of stuff from back then that is unfortunately lost forever (unless the original people still have the files and can re-upload them)…

Hi, thats tragic, 6000 images, all those references.

On my post I would still have the images, as for BrianM I dont know.
How do I find out what their names were and how do I get them uploaded again as the edit option is no longer there, so again does edit option expire after a while ?




If you use ‘view source’ in your browser or right-click on the space where the image should be you should be able to see the image name. You could then reply to the thread to add the image in a new comment.


I have tried Firefox my normal browser, there is no view source but a view image info, it opens a window in which are many addresses, yet none are my image name, and I am doijng this on my image.
I try Chrome and again no view source, I try for copy image address and paste that in word. I get
which is not my image name yet this is for m,y image.
on that basis my images have all been renamed by the system so thats that shot down.

this is only 4 years ago, I rely on answers to my posts, and other posts, I have lostthat reference to my learning rhino . THIS IS TRAGIC 6000 images gone.

also if I were to find the images they need to be fitted bac kin to the post as all bundled in at the end of the thread they are out of context, so the loss of edit is also a problem.

In that list was a video someone did.

I put that into firefox address bar, nothing found.
but putting in here expecting to see a line of text it plays, how do I get that into the posters post though ?

I would so dearly love to view this thread.

Guess I am going to have to re ask all my threads I need to look at again.

mention who replied, but they will have to post as they cant edit my post of their text and insert image.

or just start over and wait for replies, I have done that, but await replies, and new approaches.

Rhino must surely now be able to bend and twist sheet ? looks like grasshopper is the only way.