Why are images gone here?

There are other pages where this is happening, and I thought it was an isolated case, but here it’s worse:

is there something that can be done?

@siemen @danielbent thanks guys I had missed that.


Would it be possible, in the case of archival posts with timeless value which lost their pictures, for the original poster to add the visual material back in, or perhaps to retrieve what’s left of the original post, add the visuals back in and re-post it? Is there anything the Discourse folks could do to make a recovery process as simple as possible?

I am not sure. I had always understood Discourse to be a stable platform, and I do not have the original material saved on another place. Also, the Wayback Machine did not index Discourse, probably because of the ajax-looking preloads it performs. This is annoying but there is no solution apparently other than re-creating from scratch for me. I am not sure the linked thread is an “archival posts with timeless value” either. I want to re-fill the pics, we will see when I have time.