Image warp then flattener unroll?

A client wants me to warp images for face masks. I am trying to figure out if this is possible in Rhino or maybe Photoshop?

I have a mask template before sewing.

Is it possible to pull an image to a 3D object, a mask in this case, and then unroll or flatten so it is warped for flat printing but looks correct when the mask is worn?

here is the template I was given.


Hello - Squish the surface > draw curves > SquishBack may help but it acts on curves, not images.


I was wondering about that, if I could use images. I wonder if the image is a material?

Thanks, Pascal

Here’s an old thread, not sure how helpful it is as some of the posts area no longer visible.
I just reread you post , maybe that thread not relevant …

Thanks @cdordoni that has some interesting info. I will scan through it. Maybe work with vector instead of image.

I would do this for design review by using Unwrap in Rhino 7 which has a symmetry option for the UV unwrap. Then edit in the UVeditor to match your image template. Assign a material with the texture in the color channel to see it. You may even be able to use the ExtractUVMesh command as well for the pattern at that point in the real world.

Hi Brian, thanks.
I will try this later.
I will have to play first, don’t have your workflow in my head :slight_smile:
I will keep you posted, probably tomorrow.