Unroll texture on a tube surface with into flat surface

Hi I have been requested to unroll some tube surface with textures into flat surface. The texture needs to be kept in place. I have been trying “squish” but the texture mapping doesn’t go together with the flatten surface. Basically it’s a balloon we are trying to manufacture the each section laying flat.

here is a link if anyone is willing to give it a crack

Hi @eugene.cho84 , what kind of texture mapping you have on the tube?

I have added the file to the original post.

it’s a planar deco, the client has artwork designed in graphics software.

I have tried a custom material as well. having a hard time matching texture in the unrolled surface.

Here’s an old thread that might be relevant:

thanks. looks like Brian’s solution would work, but his instruction has expired so there is no way to view. by the replies it looks like the key is to use computevertexcolours to remap the texture onto the unrolled surface. i am not sure how to do that.


It appears that squish preserves texture coordinates for meshes. So if meshes are ok then you can use these steps:

  1. Join all the surfaces together (to make next step easier)
  2. Use _Bake command to incorporate the decals into texture. Pick high enough resolution.
  3. Use _ExtractRenderMesh to convert to mesh (squish will preserve texture coordinates on meshes)
  4. Hide the polysurface
  5. Use _Squish to unroll the mesh. Set SplitSeams=Yes to unroll each tube section separately.
  6. Use _Explode on the unrolled mesh to separate the parts.

Thanks Jussi! it worked

I actually tried this before,I didn’t use extractrendermesh. instead i just meshed it then squish cannot be applied to that mesh. I guess the extractrendermesh somehow preserved the developability?

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I use ExtractRenderMeshes because it creates meshes that have information to maintain the surface texture mapping.