Image Sampler with customized shapes

Hi there!

I’m trying to do a script where I can use the image sampler using customized shapes. This is where I got so far but it has two problems, shapes get deformed to fit within the circle limits and the whole script calculation is veeeery slow and I can barely work with it. I just want the resulted curves but so far this is the solution I came through. Any ideas?

Thanks a lot for your help!


Image Sampler (131.5 KB)
Img Sample trial.3dm (28.4 KB)

If you don’t want overlapped geometries and faster calculations… Using mesh would help.

Image Sampler (137.7 KB)

thanks a lot! It works much better now! :slight_smile: and yes I didn’t want the shapes to overlap. Just wondering, if I only need the curves at the base (I was using brep wireframe) from it and not the extrusions, is there any other way to have a similar results without using the bounding box? Will that make it even faster? Thanks

Orient is much faster in this case…

Image Sampler (144.0 KB)

That’s great! Thanks so much for your help :slight_smile: