Perforation on the wall

Hi everyone,
my grasshopper experience is not enough,
so I nee community help.
I want to make some mask in Phohoshop (black/white color only).
Then upload mask in to Grasshopper and make in Grasshopper circles on white area whith radius and density regulation.
Please help to solve my problem.

Before you ask a question, it’s good idea to search related topics beforehand .


OK please check my definition (Rhino units: millimeters). My definition work correctly on the top view (XY plane). But I wont to work on front view (XZ plane).
I change start points coordinates to see them on front view.
Then I change normal vector of circle plane to see circles on front view.
And my image sampler does not work on front view. (325.6 KB)
imagesampler (front view).gh (325.6 KB)

imagesampler (front view) (329.5 KB)

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