Image Sampler on Curve Surface

My idea is to create a texture on the given surface using Grasshopper Image Sampler. Right now I’m measuring the length in UV direction and creating a image sampler on the flat surface then surface morph the final result onto the given surface. I used the Tiling option on in the image sampler, but I notice the texture was stretched in UV direction. Is there anything wrong with my grasshopper to prevent Tiling?

Lastly, is there a way to create the Image Sampler directly on the curve surface surface without stretching the image and without having to create the texture on the flat surface then using Surface Morph?

I appreciate for all your advise.

Sample%201 (73.0 KB)
Pattern.3dm (242.4 KB)

This could be a lot more simpler way directly apply mesh to your base surface. (90.9 KB)

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Thank you HS_Kim, this is really helpful. I really appreciate your help!