Image Sampler on 2D Surface(XZ Plane) using the area of the cells and not the points of the grid

Hello Everyone, i’m having some issues with image sampler in XZ plane. I have already figured it out how to make an image sampler in XY plane on flatten surface using circles into the area of my cells, not on the points of the grid. Now i’m trying to make it on XZ plane on 2D Surface and those are the issues i’m having:

  1. Ηow to “rotate” my image so it can be recognized on XZ plane.
  2. My circles won’t be aligned on the curved surface.
  3. I want to use the area of the cells and not the points of the grid as circles.
    Untitled.3dm (71.6 KB) (886.8 KB) (881.0 KB)

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Thank you so much for your help!

@HS_Kim (or anyone else): Do you know if there’s a way to:

  1. Upload any photo to grasshopper
  2. Create some form of surface and transform that surface into Image Sampler image using some quick method
  3. And then somehow calculate the particular colours (aka ‘pixels’ of that image) quickly?
    (So end up with a list saying let’s say 1050 red dots / 900 orange / 300 blue etc)

Could this be done in grasshopper? (163.2 KB)

@HS_Kim Genius! I salute your skills sir!

And if I wanted to increase the number of circles (whilst maintaining their size), in other words if I wanted this image to be more detailed, can this be done with a slider as well?

Ps. or looking at this simple example (it’s based on another tutorial), If I wanted to map the image on any surface, what would be the simplest way? (343.3 KB) Grass_Ex_ImageSampler.3dm (386.9 KB) (366.4 KB) (161.5 KB)

@HS_Kim You are so fabulous! Thank you!