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Hello all,

I have a question for you regarding Import - ArchiCAD 24.
The import of IFC files in ArchiCAD works very well!
Also the recognition of self-modeled stairs, railings, etc. is wonderful.

But when I import windows/doors ArchiCAD recognizes the objects as (almost) Unknown… What could this be? I have also noticed with two customers that they prefer to have a draftsman who made evaluations directly in ArchiCAD 3D laser scanning data because of the windows…, (For me a mystery… Is not a new building…!?) I have also heard the phenomenon at another surveying office…

Some manufacturers have written an option import file especially for ArchiCAD (Revit, Allplan, Trimble, Tekla, etc…).

I hope you can help me. Maybe also draftsmen or architects who work with ArchiCAD.

IFC - FILE - IFC_FILE.zip (22.7 KB)

Many thanks and greetings

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Hi @Boris_87, I assume you have created that ifc file with VisualARQ, is that rigth?
I’ve opened that IFC file in ArchiCAD 25, and the Window is recognized properly.

So I guess it should be an issue related to your ArchiCAD version. Otherwise, you should report this in an ArchiCAD forum or to their developers.

Hello Francesc, Thank you for your reply.
Yes, of course all the objects were created and exported in VisualARQ. Yes, the window is recognized as it is for me too! But I want to know why the windows and doors are not classified.

Many greetings

Boris, I see it classified as a window…
I have ArchiCAD 25

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Great, thank you very much!


@francesc One small question. Do you know why in ArchiCAD the glass is not displayed visually (transparent) ?


Hi Boris, I don’t know. I’ll revise with the development team how VisualARQ is exporting transparent materials to IFC just in case there’s any error. I’ll get back to you when I know more.

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