Export IFC from VisualArq to ArchiCAD


I have problem exporting BIM model created in VisualArq via IFC exporter to Archicad. Opening VA created IFC file resulting in mostly just object or furniture elements in Archicad. All objects are regular VA objects (walls, slabs, columns, doors, windows…). When exported via IFC converter most object are imported as regular non parametric object in archicad. Sometimes few objects are recognized as BIM objects sometimes not. Objects, usually slabs, are very often relocated from origin position.

Anybody know reason for that strange behavior?

VisualArq 2.11
Archicad 24
Using VA centimeter template.



Hi Onofrije,
Each program has its own way to generate BIM objects, and it is not always possible to keep the parametric features and other information when these objects “travel” from one program to another through IFC. So depending on how the object has been created, modified, or its type, the other program might be able to keep the parametric features or not. But in all cases, the object type and static data should be preserved.
The position of the objects should be also maintained, otherwise there might be a bug either in the source or the target software. If you have experienced this error with slabs or any other object, please share a file we can test in our machines. (You can attach at this post or send it to visualarq@asuni.com).

Hi Francesc!

I send you 3dm file and one screenshot of Archicad after opening VA-IFC.

Importing IFC generated by AC into VA is working fine and all properties of BIM objects are preserved.

Only slab and column are BIM object in AC, walls, door and window are just furniture. Slab is dislocated.



VAto AC.3dm (3.2 MB)

Hi @onofrije.petric I’ve generated an IFC with your file, and it seems to open correctly in Revit and Solibri.



You should check with ArchiCAD tech support why that IFC is not opening correctly there.


I find out that that strange behaviour in AC is dependent on the method of creating ifc in VA. Saving file to ifc create valid ifc for opening in AC. Exporting ifc from VA create invalide ifc file for AC.

Thanks again for helping!