IFC 2x3 files for ArchiCAD

Hello all

Please to all who use ArchiCAD.
Does this difference bother you?

How is it for you to work with IFC 2x3. I will have to give more and more data for ArchiCAD users in the near future…

I make 3D models of existing houses from 3D laser scan data. Please let me know. This is very important for me.

Many greetings

Hi @Boris_87,

Which difference? What are you missing?

It doesn’t bother me because I don’t work in ArchiCAD or Revit 100% of the time. I re-model existing beams, columns, walls, windows, etc… With this data, I make alterations / renovations. I would like to know specifically from ArchiCAD users how it is to work with VisualARQ IFC 2x3 exports. For example, if I export a window from Revit, I have a bit more information. Sorry for asking such precise and detailed question. I have to model a building soon…

It is the same as with the walls. When I add or subtract a solid from Rhino, it changes the geometry data (IFC 2x3 export). But if I need to modify a beam or insert decorations, I have to make a Boolean union. The behavior of the IFC data is different to ArchiCAD and Revit!

I have had the plugin for 4 days and so far am very excited! Admittedly I also explore and try out day and night to the smallest detail… :wink: Since you also come up with a bit fancy questions

Many greetings

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