Ideal PC Specifications for Faster Raytrace Rendering

Hi All-

I am using Rhino 6 on a PC with the following specifications: Dell Precision 7820 Tower; Intel(R) Xeon(R) Bronze 3106 CPU @ 1.70GHz; 16.0 GB RAM; 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor; with a NVIDIA Quadro P10000 graphics card.

Currently a raytrace rendering with some glass reflections etc. takes hours. Can anyone help me pinpoint what possible upgrades I could make to vastly speed up this process? If an entirely new computer is warranted what specs. should I be looking for?


Oy so this is the sort of system that gives “workstations” a bad name, it’s all very-mediocre-even-when-new stuff with inflated prices due to the “Xeon” and “Quadro” names slapped on them. It’s not a CAD workstation, it’s a Quickbooks workstation. Sorry if that sounds like I’m picking on you, it’s just…ugh what marketing nonsense!

For Rhino looking at what makes a good “gaming” system is a close enough analogy to use for shopping. Of course the GPU shopping situation is not good these days–though it’s improving–but you need CUDA cores for Raytraced mode. Get the best nvidia GeForce you can afford(or find.) What you have is roughly equivalent to a GTX 1050.

Best Nvidia GPU would be one of the recent cards RTX 30xx series if you can but RTX 20xx aren’t too bad either - depends a bit on how complex your scenes are. If you can get two of the same model: even better.

But as mentioned: more CUDA and RT cores (and newer architecture) means better performance.

Other than that as much (fast) RAM as you can get, a good CPU and fast disk storage (SSD or NVMe).