Ryzen or Intel?

Does anyone know if Ryzen 5 and 7 are good options for use with Raytraced? Or does the render ‘prefer’ Intel processors?

Hello - if fast Raytraced is the goal, put your money into the video card; Raytraced will use a Cuda video card if it is available and that will be faster than relying on the CPU.


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That said, a processor with as many cores as possible is also an acceptable approach.

I am currently working on bringing in the latest version of Cycles for Raytraced into Rhino - it should give Embree support, meaning you should get better Raytraced performance on the CPU. And the nice part of rendering on the CPU is that you generally have much more RAM to work with than on a GPU.

Further untested still, but CPU+GPU combo should work also better in the future.


Nice! Corona uses embree too. Intel develops it (embree) so I think it works only with intel CPU’s.

Embree works on AMD CPUs as well.