Geforce RTX 2080 TI

With the announcement of the RTX series and raytracing will Rhino 6’s built in ray tracer be able to take advantage of the new cores? I don’t know too much about how the hardware works but it sounds like it has more than just extra CUDA cores and faster memory.
Has anyone at Mcneel had a chance to test one of these with Rhino 6 (not sure what developers have actually had access to them)?

I doubt that without some custom work. I haven’t heard if any of the main Cycles devs is thinking about this.

No, but if you can get me one or two I’d be a happy dev (:


The RTX 2080 Ti claims it can calculate up to 10 gigarays per sec vs 1.2 gigarays per sec for the prior generation GTX 1080 Ti card that I have. This is a big deal for game developers. Will it also be this big a deal for ray tracing in Rhino 6? If so this would be a major improvement. Major.


Yeah we have no idea what to make of those claims. A lot of folks in the gaming side are skeptical of the high cost and lack of actual benchmark results. The fact the iray plugin developers–i.e. nvidias own rendering tech!-- don’t even have a timeline for using RTX makes me skeptical for rendering. I’m sure they’ll be good, but…all signs point to nothing really spectacular. The next new generation, which will be on a smaller process, that will likely be a big jump.

Yesterday I have installed Rhinoceros 6 on a machine including the new NVIDIA RTX 2070

Cycles don’t run on it. Ray tracing option don’t do anything :frowning:

Perhaps these new graphic cards uses a newest version of CUDA not yet implemnted into Rhino 6?

To follows …

The next SRC for 6.12 has support for RTX cards. I hope it will be released in 24 hours.


Had there been any development or info on the RTX 2070 working with Raytracing display in RH6.

About to build a new machine and would be nice to know.


Turing architecture is supported.

Niiice. Excited to see it. Thanks for the quick reply.


Do you know if this has been resolved? Does rhino run the new 2070 and 2080 rtx cards now?

They are supported since 6.12

Yes, I have the 2070 and it runs Rhino smoothly and silently.


Thank you

RTX 2080 works well here in Rhino 6 and Rhino 7 WIP


hi brian,
i have a 1080ti. how much will I speed up cycles in rhino if i will buy the rtx 2080ti?

I can’t say for sure but it would give you 768 more Cuda cores. This isn’t the only spec that influences speed but I’d guess it would be a little faster.