I want to keep layers order after layer filter removed

Hello all,

I organize layer order to be able to find easily. ( important layer is up )
And I sometimes use layer filter, but I’m very confused layers order is changing.
(filter visible layer is up)

Can Rhino keep original layer order ?

This drives me insane. Often accidentally hit the sort by name column… Then everything is a mess. Very frustrating.

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Best advice is to name layers “1- name”, “2- name” etc.

I have many layers and child layers in drawings.

I wish rhinoceros also to be useful for larger design.

You can turn off column sorting. In the Layer panel, click the Tools button and then check the Column Sort menu item.

A “save layer order” would be nice of course, with a load layer order button. But then it would have to figure out what to do with new layers that were added after the order was saved.

Or it would have to go into a “filter state” that can be turned off again to return to pre-filtered mode.

The main thing here is, why even give the option to manually arrange layers, if every time you use the filter or sort options, that there is no way to get back to the layer order you manually assigned.

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Thanks Dale, this helps.

While we’re sortof on the topic I’ll air my other layer palette complaint.

Relates to reference layer mode inserted blocks. They don’t retain their position in the heirarchy, always reverting the the root level when opening the file. Why allow us to drop the reference mode blocks into other branches of the layer heirchy at all if that data is lost when closing and opening the file.

So, now I have this list of 200 or 300 or whatever unsorted linked blocks in reference mode scrambled together at the bottom of my layer palette… and the search function of the filter layer doesn’t search the linked reference mode block layer names… So unless I’m missing something fundamental, when I want to toggle layer visibility in these linked reference mode blocks, I have to scroll through the list of layers line-by-line looking for the layer I want to toggle.

And to make things even worse (!) the sublayers inside the linked reference blocks don’t retain their visibility status between sessions. And if that wasn’t annoying enough, the sublayers inside the linked reference blocks don’t even pick up with the visibility settings from the original file. Layerstatemanager does store and properly recall the visibility status linked reference mode layers so that means I have to remember to manually set a layerstate at the end of my session if I want to pick up where I left off next session.

This seems totally nonsensical and the annoyance relative to perceived ease of correcting the problem seems way out of whack. I mean… I can’t be the only guy inserting tons of linked stuff into (organizationally) complex models.

How about these states (order,visiblity, etc… ) related with layers is in LayerStateManager ?

I think it will be very useful way for me that “all layer states” can manage in LayerStateManager.

Yes, this is a known issue. There may be some benefit to moving linked block layers within a modeling session. But I agree their position should be retained. You can use this link (someday) to track the bug:


If both the document and one or more linked blocks have a “Default” layer, for example, then you can filter for them by entering “*Default” into the Filter dialog. Does this help?

This is also a known issue. Here is the future link for tracking:


Sadly, I got to resurrect this thread from 7 years ago, I had to do it way earlier but I lacked hope.

  1. Layers not keeping order after layer filter removed (already mentioned)

original layer order

after removing layer filter

  1. Please add an option to include sublayers in all filter options. If the user wants to filter some Layer hierarchy he has to unfold the nested layers list and select everything, then filter which defeats the purpose of making life easier by using filters.

  1. Filters and search are for making access easier, while extra search options are good to have, please consider adding a live search bar (and maybe these options too) directly accessible. Right now they are hidden too deep.

example of easily accessible live search bar in UE4 - very common in many programs