Arranging layers

every once in a while i hit the name button in the layer manager and it sorts my carefully arranged layers into alphabetic order and I think there is no way to get them back besides re arranging them by hand. Its so frustrating. In future releases can this be changed, maybe make the undo button apply to the layer sorting? Or is there another way to do this besides prefacing the layer names with numbers…? thanks -E

In the Layers panel, click the Tools menu button and uncheck “Column Sort.”

Does this help?

very helpful thanks!!!

Hi @Dale,

can we set the “Colum Sort” property to False via code ? If not it would be helpful if it could be added to RhinoCommon.


Hi @clement,

No, there is no way of doing this (currently).

– Dale

Hi @dale.

Thanks for adding it. I just found i can not undo the Column Sort in a very large file :wink:

Hopefully the bug with mixed layer order after filtering / unfiltering the layers will get adressed before V6 is released.


doesn’t work on Macintosh version, either (no ‘tools’ in Layers panel)…

There seems to be an item on youtrack, but I don’t have access to that:

Hi Jess, thanks, i have not seen that. Just thought that it might be possible for me to prevent sorting before i create all my layers with a script.