Layer woes

recently i accidently clicked the header of the “Name”-column in the layer panel, which completely destroyed my layer order. it did not show up in the redoMultiple list, so i had to reconstruct it manually (grrrr). other layer commands (visibility, lock, …).

is there a reason for this? am i missing something?

(i know i can switch off layer sorting, but after creating a new file i sure will forget this)
(i also know, i can save a layer state and resrore it. but this wont help much as i am constantly creating, deleting, renaming, nesting my layers)

I think you can add a configuration to swtich off layer sorting when Rhino starts but I don’t know how.
@Pascal maybe does.
I think is here:

I think you’re looking for TestLayerSort:

But that might not be what you’re after.

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Hi @brt1,

Enabling or disabling Column Sort in the Layers panel is global setting, not a document setting.


The test command you referenced won’t help, and might not be around very long.

– Dale

thanks for the hint, dale. works fine.

still i do not understand what good is a command like column sort, if it is not possible to restore the original layer order afterwards. (if you dont want to create a layer state before sorting)
why isnt it possible to reflect the layer ordering “command” to the command line/undo list?
i also realised some other inconsistencies here: for example, if i delete a layer and then perform an “undo”, the layers are not put to their original positions …

Hi - it’s not impossible and it is on the list of things to look at (RH-31839 - not visible to the public).
I’ve added your request to that item.

great, thanks !!

RH-31839 is fixed in the latest WIP