Bug (?) - layer order of referenced layers reset after open


everytime I open my current large project than the layer order of the block files isn’t alphabetical anymore. Could be nice to get it fixed.


In the Tools (sub)tab of the Layers tab,I guess that the ‘Column Sort’ entry was left unchecked.

The option is enabled. For me it looks like the order of linked blocks names is not save to the file. Here a screenshot - standard layers sorted, block layer randomized.

Do the xref blocs are saved using the worksession rws. file ?

No, it are inserted blocks only. I don’t used worksession.

We have recently stared using more reference layers blocks and running into this issue as well.
The reference layers order is not remembered in the file.
Also, for a cleaner look I want all of them to sit in a Parent Layer called REFERENCE - works OK when I place all of them there, but after save and reopen, all reference layers are out of that folder.

I saw a some similar issues reported over past few years - is that something that can be revamped in V7?