Struggline with first model - any suggestions?

Hi Fellow Bongo Users,

I have gone through all of the tutorials and have started my first animated model but have had problems with attempts to achieve my goal.

Attached is a model I call Moving Leaf.

The ‘driving’ motor in this animation is Object 22 (the disk at the top).

I want Object 22 to move down (6 inches) and move Object 23 (which is a thin line) which moves Object 24 down.
I want Object 24 to rotate around the center of Object 25 as it moves down (i.e. Object 25 stays in place and Object 24 rotates around it so the angle of Object 23 will change as Object 24 rotates. I don’t want the length of Object 23 to change.

I have started out by linking items together (Object 22 & Object 25 being the parents) then creating a telescopic joint for Object 22 and hinge joints for Objects 23, 24 & 25. I then made object.

I would really appreciate it if someone were to take a look and see why Object 25 is not staying fixed and why Object 24 does not move down or rotate around Object 25 as it moves?

Thank you so much,

Bongo Test_Moving Leaf.3dm (246.1 KB) Bongo Test_Moving Leaf pdf.pdf (18.8 KB)


This model can actually be solved in many different ways, it can even be done without IK.

The option that made the most sense to me was to use Object 22 as the driver, since you had a specific amount you wanted it to move. Then hook up the rest of the hierarchy to Object 22, starting from the bottom and having Object 24 or 25 as the parent. Please see the model: Bongo Test_Moving Leaf 001.3dm (220.3 KB)

Hi Marika,
Thanks! Wow, that is what I was trying to do. I think I was feeling a little overwhelmed and that I needed to use IK (though I am still figuring it out). You made me realize that there are simple alternatives to seek first.
Thank you, again.