I have a model, how can i find what did command perform to make model?

hi all

i have a model that i had madden before
and unfortunately i have forgot how i made model.

is there any idea?

@laurent_delrieu, @skysurfer,

Deleting your very appropriate comments disallow me to prove my point to @pascal.

That these kind of questions have no place here. And ridicule is the only way to answer them.

Yes and no. As I think the answer could be

  1. there is an history of all commands inside each Rhino file
  2. if history is enabled it is kept somewhere…
    I know that I have no idea if 1) or 2) exists so I delete my not very constructive comment.

What I meant is, these kind of questions should be in separate category.

“Ask everything”, “Basic questions”, “Advanced Questions”, Master/Expert Questions"

General discussion for all questions reduces the overall quality of the information in the forum.

How would anyone looing to ask a question know where exactly it belongs in those meaningless categories?

IMO the title question is a fairly straightforward question that can be simply answered with:

No, you can’t

Hello @ivelin.peychev - It’s very simple - please just ignore posts that you feel are unworthy of your level of sophistication; someone else is almost certainly better suited to writing a helpful response. This user may have in mind feature-based modelers with a history tree for example - in any case please refrain from conveying your rating of other users’ questions, it is neither helpful, nor civil.



it’s not a ridiculous question though… for instance, in Fusion 360, you can do exactly what the OP is asking… That program has a timeline in which you can see how each step was made and/or go back to that step…

in Rhino, you can’t do that.

(or maybe you’re saying we should ridicule Autodesk for adding such a feature to their software? )


@jeff_hammond you’re perfectly right, we all know this.
I think the problem is the unpolite way he’s asking.
why if you don’t care to spend 2 seconds to explain better what you’re asking we have to care answer you?
I canceled my answer because was really rude and not useful.
I canceled because I want to keep this a nice place like it is where everyone can ask question and find answers.


I don’t want to be seen like an asshole but you attitude is wrong.

You said you need to keep the place to some “high” standards but still you don’t mind to ridicule and provide nothing valuable.

If you want to prove a point… be clear and educate those who apparently english is not their strong language to express themselves.

Standards with one-sided arguing and rediculing does not match my perspective.

The lad is basically is looking for a history of commands he previously used to make a model.

Nothing to be sorry about and be glad that many do not see it the way you do or I do. But taking it personal because you do not accept someone else’s opinion… is something else.



You clearly miss the point. Who is talking about English here?
Nevertheless, I do educate and help people in the forum. Though, I haven’t seen your contributions. I would take this from some regular contributor, not you.

I’m sorry.

Quite often it’s the language skills problem that should not be mistaken for rude or lazy questions.
Anyone not willing to clarify or try to guess and be helpful should simply ignore the question.



He demands “high standards” from others while himself trying hard to drag down the standard of the forum by spamming comments on each and every thread whether he has anything substantial to contribute to the topic or not.

And while frankly ridiculing others every now and then he’s picky himself like a baby, even interpreting straight and concise comments as “rude”.

And would he ever apologize when someone points out that he himself is being rude or outright mean? No. I’ve seldom seen such double standards and lack of self-knowledge.

Regarding “high standards” I personally refrain from demanding it from others until I have reached the desired level of high standards myself WHILE I keep reminding myself how it felt while I was learning to crawl.

Happy though that this forum still is the best of the best and that it has such a high standard that it takes much more than one individual lacking self-knowledge to drag it down.

// Rolf



I thought the “past participle of make” is “madden”.
I apologize all for my mistake.

First of all I was providing you with, even in a sarcastically way, an excuse for a second chance to thing and understand what is wrong with your previous statements without myself being considered to holding any sort of a personal grudge against you.

I am already contributing with my personal time by getting back to you. If your don’t understand that you get rude and I need my facts to get validated by my contributions, I simpy pass on since you don’t realize the irrelevance of these premises.

No worries m8, you don’t have to be sorry. Being sorry and not getting the point has no value.

Happy contributions

Edit: Please feel free to delete this post as it is out of scope and does not provide any valuable answer to this post

@StefGyft, @RIL,

There is a general misconception about what I said. I am not talking about the quality of answers but rather the quality of question being asked. Also I am not talking about this particular question. I “invaded” this thread because I saw the first two replies deleted.

Anyways, gang up on me. I can take a beat. I know when I’m right, my problem is I cannot keep silent when I see something wrong. If you want to blame someone take it on me, but I’m not the problem. This is why I laughed at @RIL’s post. Ironically, instead of seing my point that the quality of questions is dropping. I was blamed that I am the one who is reducing the quality. But I’m not the one asking the questions! I simply answer. On or OFF topic.

Apparently people prefer the approach of “agree or shut up”.

Also @RIL I know very well what I can or cannot do. You’re wrong there, but hey, everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. And I have no problem apologizing when I am wrong. Do I get the apology I deserve? Uh, no!

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Who will judge the quality of question? Nobody is forcing you to read or answer such posts. You can just skip them.

Ivelin let’s not throw more fuel to the fire.

I am sure we all have something to learn out of it. keeping this forum a valuable platform as it already is not only for the Rhino addicts is the next best thing to continue doing.

Thanks for you time mate.



I don’t know why the question is met with such ridicule.

With parametric CAD software, you can always see exactly how you built your model in the feature tree.

In Alias, a CAD software that is very much like Rhino, you can “query” a surface, and the tool that built it will pop up with all values intact.

Even though Rhino has history on some surfaces, only very few of them (“blend” surfaces, and I think “fillet edge”) can be brought back with a small “edit” button in the command line. Perhaps untrim with “KeepTrimObjects” can be counted towards this as well.