Add "Modeling" forum

These forums need a Modeling forum for more general discussions about modeling methods and techniques. Examples might be a discussions about when to model with SubD instead of NURBS and the realities and myths of modeling with single span surfaces.

Adding a Modeling forum will allow the Meta forum to be about the functioning of the forums and related, and the Gallery forum to be about examples of models created using Rhino.


Thanks for the “likes”. Replies expressing support may be more effective than “likes” in making this happen.

i believe that is what the neutral rhino category was created for, handling stuff not exclusively limited to a platform which would include general modelling questions i assume

My understanding or assumption is the general Rhino category is for Rhino related topics which are not platform, ie Windows or Mac, specific.

Discussions of modeling approaches, best practices, etc do not have to involve Rhino. Currently if I want to make a general post I put it in the Rhino category but that seems inappropriate if Rhino is not directly involved through a command or similar. I’ve also seen the suggestions that such topics should go in the Meta category but my understanding is that is forum about the operation and use of the Rhino forums, not about Rhino or modeling.

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Yes, this is an excellent suggestion. A Modeling forum to discuss methods, strategies, approach, underlying mathematical concepts and bases, and appropriate use of tools would be a welcome addition. For example, discussions of Y-blends crop up occasionally in various contexts, but there is no appropriate location in existing fora for an aggregation of such discussions.

I imagine a Modelling forum would get a lot of Google hits from people who won’t be expecting to find Rhinos…