Modeling or General Rhino category needed

A “Modeling” forum category or a “General Rhino” forum category is needed. Frequently questions are asked about how to model a shape or “best practices” when modeling. The answers are usually not specific to Rhino for Windows or Rhino for Mac. However the current set of forum categories force them to be categorized as a Rhino for Windows or Rhino for Mac topic.

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Hi David - we are working with Discourse to see if we can do something smart in this area.

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yes - i agree on that.
i would suggest to even split the category or introduce a tag like “newbie” “beginner-question”…“basic command understanding” "advanced surfacing problems…
@John_Brock and others from the mcneel team are doing a lot of “moved to rhino for windows” category like here
but it would be nice to have a “modeling” category - and maybe the top-level entry should outline some common tags, and some rules like “add a .3dm-file”, focus on a single aspect, reduce file size,
… if you are a new user check the following resources first…

others wish a “learning rhino” or “tutorial” category (also nice)
maybe with a nice starting article …

@Goswin @Willem …and the wish and is also here and here and here

kind regards -tom

@wim Any progress?

Hi David, Tom -
We changed the categories here on Discourse late November. The main category now is Rhino and is for things that are not specifically special for either Windows or Mac. New threads are automatically tagged with windows or mac. The Rhino for Windows and Rhino for Mac categories are now sub-categories: