Husqvarna Cross 400

A tribute to a great motocross bike from the early 70’s. the Husky Cross 400. Steve McQueen made it “famous” in the classic movie “On any Sunday”


Great work!
One question: Rhino has 16 millions colours in it’s paletts and you use only few of them. How can you work with such a narrow and tiring choice? My eyes would burn after a 15 min. max.

Thanks Piotr. Do you mean the colors of the layers in the CAD model ?

as far as i understand is that the standard colors are predefined to have a good contrast to the canvas. depending on your background the colors would have to change, meaning that all colors may not make so much sense working with them in a clear manner. i guess thats the other side of the extreme then if i would work with colors which one hardly can see on the canvas just to differentiate each single part, maybe more than needed… at least it would not make sense to me.

without going too much of topic, could you show a screenshot from a typical situation with several parts? i mean the screenshot shown here ist pretty typical, which is why it wonders me so much.

Yes, I find the standard colours to be to contrasting to use them for all object (only selections).

Indeed, sometimes I use high contrast like in this bike to better differentiate layers but yes, it can be straining to the eyes

Gorgeous work! Thanks for sharing it!

Thank you Kyle
Cheers !

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