Rhino 8 crate

one of my childhood fav’s reimagined with some faster lines, a carbon frame, disc brakes and an 8 speed


A few other shots… because raytrace mode with nvidia denoisers make these images in like 45 seconds… and because making cool renderings is fun.


ok, I’ll stop now…


Actually, an excellent, detailed and accurate work :slight_smile:

Beautiful work! I love this re-imagined classic!
But - ouch! That shift knob! I remember it well… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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I still have the scar… :wink:

I remember those…I guess that puts us about the same age.


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Rad :metal:

Really nice. Boy that style of bike brings back memories.

On the rendering side what GPU are you using to render with?

a first gen nvidia quadro RTX 5000 which I like a lot, although the newer cards are even better/faster.

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I need to upgrade mine. Deadlines are getting shorter. :rofl:

I see You getting ready for the V8 release…
Should be this taken as a sign?

Its gotten to the point where I can start beating on it, but there is a LOT of beating on it left to do.

If I can get some cool marketing images out of that time, all the better. For the foreseeable future, we are stil wipping the wip… :wink:


I’m trying to model a rear derailleur. It’s proving insanely challenging but also exposing all my weaknesses all at once and helping me get better (I hope!!). Otherwise it’s just a basic bike. Seeing this helps prove to my brain it’s possible!

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it helps to have one on your desk to look at… then it’s just a matter of eating the elephant one bite at a time.

derailers are assembled out of lots of individual parts, focus in one part, then one surface of that part and its transitions… then start to widen your focus to the next set of surfaces and the part they make up… wash rinse and repeat.

it is certainly a fiddly little object, but I enjoyed this build immensely and had a lot fun doing stuff like this as little easter eggs for myself, I worked as a bike mechanic as a kid and crimped millions of these building schwinns back in the day.


Thanks for taking the time to post this!! Your tutorials as well as 36 Verts’ (who many of us found thanks to you) have been invaluable.

it helps to have one on your desk to look at… then it’s just a matter of eating the elephant one bite at a time.

I made sure I did. I chose something way above my ability level. I should have gotten my hands on something simpler. I’m trying to model this one:

I should have modelled something more like this one, coincidentally named “Simplex” lol:

The Ultegra derailleur has lots of weird angles. I’m slowly getting it though and said and done it’s going to kick my ability level up a tier.

I worked as a bike mechanic as a kid

I wonder if that means we’ll see more bike stuff in Rhino 3d?? Not that the car stuff isn’t super cool. I know you’ve got lots of stuff in queue to showcase.

Cheers and thanks for the reply!!

start a new thread for your build and update us as it develops!

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