907 longtail new renders

More beating on the render tools, If you recall I built this model back when I was testing Subd a while back and did some basic renders of it… My skills as well as the render tools have improved and I wanted to share this update-

again super simple lighting, two panels (one top and one slightly front) then a 3rd panel behind the car making the halo on the background. I love his set up, its super easy, gives great control of the elements, and has lots of options to create drama and mood.

substance tires with rhino decals layered on top for the logo, and substance material for the brake rotors which added a ton of realism for free. I also applied a slightly darker material to the cut lines to get them to pop a bit more than they did when it was all the same material as the body.

filmic tone mapping may have added some richness but I kinda liked it as it sits…

if you are still rendering in v5 or v6…you gotta try v7… Happy friday folks, enjoy your weekend!



So cool! Are you saying you got the slotted rotor look just with a Substance material?

Yep. Basic cylinder smooshed flat and a material mapped on it. Substance is legit yo.

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Wow! We should for sure chat about the Sauber C9 when I start “cake decorating” it - you can tell me when I’m doing things the hard way. :slight_smile:

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One HUGE tip… make sure all your glass is realistic in thickness, and is a closed object in itself. Open surfaces of glass don’t render correctly

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that is an awesome series of videos you have brewing Sky!

If you have not checked out Sky’s Channel, do it… Do it now.


That looks great Kyle!

Thanks man! Can’t wait till the render portion of the series :slight_smile:

thats one elegant shape, whats with the post letter though?

post letter? Are you referring to the “P” ?

If so that the designation for “prototype” to my understanding.

cool, i actually meant that yellow letter like symbol whats that for?

My understanding is that is also part of the prototype designation. Others may know more about this specific part of the livery- It was the daytona winner from 1968.

right, went to check that out and found your car. i must say yours looks far too beautiful compared to the real deal :face_with_hand_over_mouth: also … i am waiting until the design language finally gets switched back to round again… dont tell Elon Musk please.

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