Huge circular Victoria Amazonica lilly leaf pattern

Hi. I’m keen to try to replicate this fabulous pattern with Grasshopper but have so far failed.
I’ve tried both working from the centre and ‘growing’ outwards with the spokes dividing at intervals, and also starting from an outer circle, dividing the curve and working inwards.
Perhaps a bit ambitious for me but any pointers/help would be most appreciated (I’m using Rhino 5).

Search “leaf venation” on this forum… I think there have been some examples

I looked at that venation but thought it was rather different. With the lily the spokes seem to divide at more or less even radius, and then run out at an even parallel distance each time…

A bit similar

Some way with concentric circles

Hi Laurent,

Thank you, that looks great. Light years better than my attempts!
I’ll need some time now to figure out how your definitions work, and then add the ribs etc.
My goal is to try some cnc fabrication, not yet sure what with, laser cutter, mill, 3d printer…

here an awful script to do that

There are many logics it it.
First generate the pattern

The division of curves uses the equation here

but the equation is false
it is A(n) = 5 * 2 * n -2
The curve Network is smoothed (my equation) not sure it will stay long on this forum.

Upper part is used the make the ribs
Main logic is to extract inner parts, measure their lengths and cut them in quite equal lengths parts

The whole other part is using Dendro, transforming everything to points, moving points the make heights, putting good radius …

Victoria Amazonica (49.3 KB)


Great work Laurent


Hi Laurent,

That looks fabulous, exactly right. Thank you again.

I think the time has come when I’ll finally need to upgrade from Rhino 5 because I tried Pufferfish once before and it doesn’t like 5.
I think there’s a C+ component in there somewhere as well ldtils?

I can’t wait to try making one now!