Challenge for the math-heads out there

Curious how someone would approach trying to procedurally generate a displacement that is reminiscent of something like this:

(or this: Wingham Brush Nature Reserve | Moreton Bay Fig tree in Wingh… | Flickr or even this:

I’m concerned with the trunk of the tree, not the crazy branching roots. Seems like the perlin noise 4d add-on might be useful (4D Noise | Food4Rhino) but I’m not sure how to stretch that along the y-axis.

Basically I’d like a ‘wall’ that has the look of that kind of fig-tree trunk…

Any and all thoughts appreciated!!!

Dang, nobody? Well, failing that, is there anyplace else on the web where I might find someone who’d be able to dig in on this with me a little?

Not exactly but near

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ahhhh, very nice! my faith in this forum has been restored :slight_smile:
I’m actually away from my rhino-installed computer for another couple of days but will dive in when I get back.

Thanks thanks thanks for helping out with this!