Leaf venation using anemone

Hello! I am trying to recreate leaf venation like this :point_down: for a long time.

This time I am trying to use anemone, and I end up making something similar to what parakeet does. I was following logic in this video:
Hyphae - growth process diagram in 2D on Vimeo
But I can make only one main branch rn.
non of these work for me:
Leaf Venation - Grasshopper (grasshopper3d.com) (Rabbit plugin is unavalable for some reasons, hoopsnake definitions just don’t work)
I am not satisfied with parakeet results too.
Canvas at 22;49;15

How can I achieve branching like in parakeet, but using anemone? Can’t wrap my head.
I hope to reach better results having more control over venation that way.
In any case, I would appreciate any help.
venat.gh (15.6 KB)

I don’t know exactly how you can get that leaf venation pattern but attached is an example of using anenome to do branching.

It randomly creates and destroys branches. You might be able to figure out how to apply this to a 2d leaf venation pattern. I’ve tried in the past but never managed to get it. There have been a few examples on this forum and the old forum if you search.

AnenomeGrowth.gh (30.6 KB)

This is interesting too…

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Thank you very much! This definition looks extremely promissing.

As well as this, never saw this before.
This is interesting too…
Huge circular Victoria Amazonica lilly leaf pattern