Tree Root Low Table

Organic to symmetric

Symmetric to Organic

Scripts here


It is mega cool design. I download your grasshopper file can you share the C# file with me

Almost everything is on the script. So I dont see what is missing. The rest could be done using Rhino.
You just have to make 2 trees make the symmetry of one then move it up. Then join meshes then cut meshes to be flat on top and bottom then render.

It shows me this message.

OK I see … just dont use it. It must work. And if it doesnt work you will not have the lines smoothing

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Love the intention here. I’ve dreamt of this very design for years, but without the Grasshopper skills to make it happen.

Is it possible to do the exploding to be able to cut in cnc and then assemble it?

Yes it is surely doable but dépends on what is the construction process. What are you able to do with your cnc?

This would be extremely difficult on a CNC because of the deep valleys, I think it would require 3d printing.

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The cut made by the

Laser machine is in 2D plate and also cuts into tube up to 200mm diameter This with metal

And a CNC router machine that cuts wood only in a plane

It would be good to create a spectacular design and I make it and introduce you
Happy new year

Here a design that takes into account 3d printing with sand. I hope it will not cost an :mechanical_arm: :sweat_smile:. As the design is quite the same the root could be tilted to have another look.
I plan to add a metallic disc glued to the glass and bolted. I will sure add some transparent plastic pads.

It’s definitely possible with 2D plate cutting and some bending to go along with it. The edges can then be grinded to smoothen them out