How would you model this Baren?

For my Design university course I have to model this hand printing tool. It has a rigid core, it’s like a plastic disc, that’s wrapped in a folded bamboo leaf. Do you have any suggestion on a method I could try to use to create this, or maybe if you happen to know a tutorial or a live-modeling video I could follow on YouTube that creates something similar to this. Thanks in advance

SubD may get you there.

its going to be a topology workout, but if you keep it as simple as possible and work in box model to keep track of everything this could be done.

Just to clarify are you trying to model the bamboo leaf wrapped around the disc including the texture?

If I manage to get the texture in the model as well in some way it would be good, but the general shape is enough for what I need.

texture can be done with displacement once you get your forms correct-

see this great video by Brian James.


That’s really useful, thank you very much. I’m struggling a bit with the tools’ shape at the moment though so textures will come in a bit.

Here are my steps for getting what you want. These are merely suggestions about how to approach your challenge.

  1. In Photoshop, create a black-and-white texture.

  2. Install this Grasshopper plug-in in Rhino to build vector-based geometry.

NOTE: Not sure if this plug-in works with color photos. If color images are supported, disregard the first step.

  1. Consider the ‘drape’ command in Rhino.
  1. Also see Bump Map (Related to No. 1).

There’s an even easier way: 3D scan the model and “Quadremesh” it. :relieved:

You may also create oily effects (dissolve & buffer) by generating contour lines and selecting the desired density (darker part of the pattern) as the buffering characteristics. This can be done with or without scrips.

Here is the buffering concept in reference to ArcGIS Pro features:

To create it, simply offset lines in your model (offsetcrvonsrf).

When you’re finished building the general model, use the Csec command to TIE it up.

I agree, 3D scan it.
Or… use simple photogrammetry software such as Colmap, Metashape or 3D Zephyr to create a Mesh,
Then work from that mesh in Rhino 3D.


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I think some sort of cloth simulation could be helpful at least to get a realistic result the bamboo is wrapping around a cylinder, there are other really good software packages that can do this, but I also was thinking grasshopper has to have something similar and found this YT video that might be helpful:

Flexhopper fast forward to about 3:50

Thank you everyone for your response even though I’m afraid I couldn’t really understand and appreciate them fully since I’m not that expert on this app. I managed to create a simplified version of the model and the teachers were happy with it. Thank you again.