Building an old camera shape

Hi guys, I have an exam and I should model this camera, but I stuck with the part that looks like an accordion can anyone have an idea that how can I draw that part?

something like this? :slight_smile: (20.3 KB)
Have fun

@mehlikamerve didn’t specify whether his task is to produce a design model with nice crisp folds, or a photorealistic model with the sort of folds you get in leather. If the latter, then nurbs are not a good choice, but the new Subd features in R7 are much more amenable.

Guidelines (a scaled series of rectangles, with every second rectangle rotated 90 degrees)

can be overlaid with a Subd box, creased along the outside edges to give a sharp outline and scaled to fit the end rectangles before subdividing to give the same number of edges as folds. Thne pushing the vertices to the guide rectangle corners, followed by filleting the longitudinal edges and adding smaller fillets along the edges matching the rectangles. And then some more edges interspersed so the the straight lines can be tweaked into slight curves. Leading to something like this:

It needs quite a lot more tweaking, but the promise is there.



Thanks a lot!

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How did you achieve the geometry? I’ve been trying to replicate it but I’m struggling

Hi Alexander,

Assuming you are following the outline I gave above, at what point are you struggling?


Hi Jeremy.

I’m fairly new at grasshopper and at times, certain parameter families like lists and domains confuse me still. Just the first guideline of making a series of scaling rectangle, this is the best I’ve gotten so far and I’m not sure why the first 10 are spaced differently.


Hi Alex,

I did the whole thing in Rhino, no Grasshopper used. If the issue is how to do it in Grasshopper, then I am going to ask @wim to split this thread and move your initial post onward into a new topic - and include a reference back to my original process description.

You’ll likely get more help from Grasshopper guru’s that way.

Something to consider: if you want to get that natural look you need to make a lot of subtle little adjustments to the folds to soften them, make them irregular and to introduce blemishes. I am not sure that it is cost-effective trying to do that in Grasshopper.


Hi Jeremy, when I saw the notices I wanted to answer even if it’s too late. You saved my CAD exam that time and I realized I didn’t give the proper thanks to you, soooo, thank you for that! Here is the final result of that camera modeling of mine, and thanks again! :smiley:

Another way

accordion (13.5 KB)

Cool. Is it a reproduction of a specific camera or your own design?

It was a specific camera that my teacher assigned us for our exam