Help with polysurface

Hello, I’m working on this model which resulted from lunchbox plugin in Grasshopper. The problem is I need to 3d print it, and the base came out non planar so it won’t stand on its own. I’m new to Rhino so I don’t really know how to fix it, I tried splitting the model with a planar surface but it says that no intersections were found.
Any help will be appreciated
modelo 1.3dm (3.0 MB)

you can check your model by using _-showedges and yo’ll find that your model has got a non-manifold edge. This does not work for boolean operations.

yes it does, because to use the plugin in grasshopper I was asked to select a surface, and all surfaces have a seam and so it resulted in one non manifold edge on my model. Any idea on how to fix it please?

you locate the strange edge, then explode the model, delete the surfaces that are weird (like the one that is closing the inner trimmed surface, but is alsol part of a outer closed brep surface) and join the remaining surfaces. with the open holes you build the correct surfaces using -sweep2 or -loft or -patch or any suiting surface construction function.

I allowed myself to quickly make it for you, however, you should try and fix it yourself as well to get used to fix breps in general.
here’s the file:
modelo1_re.3dm (3.0 MB)

thank you for the help, I followed the steps and then I was able to make the base planar. If is not too much trouble, could you tell me if this is now ready for 3d printing?
model2.3dm (3.6 MB)

Hi Eugenia - if you select all the surfaces in your model and Join, the result is a clean closed polysurface tnat should be able to be printed.

However the file is in meters - you will need to scale it - exporting to STL (which does not have units) will assume millimeters, not meters, so the result will be much too small - you will I think need to scale a version of this that is the correct size in mm for your print. I would do this in a separate file that uses millimeters as the unit and then export, so that meshing for STL export will pay attention to the correct units.


yes I noticed it was an open polysurface so I joined all the faces and got it closed, I am now preparing the mesh for printing. Thank you for your help

sorry, I was AFK for some time, but Pascal already took care of this. great! good luck!