Creating 'Bump Map' from/over 3D Polysurface

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I have a script which is sampling an image, and creating a surface within given input boundary curve with ‘bump mapped’ variation in Z position (see screenshots).

I am trying to get the script to be applicable to input of polysurface geometry (ie. to work over 3D surface). I have managed to get as far as constructing a grid of sample points (of sorts) over the polysurface, and to ‘bump map’ vary their Z position, but not then reconstruct the final surface.

Is there another tool I should be using to interpret surface across these points, besides ‘Surface from Points’ ?

Any ideas or advice greatly appreciated.


JJC. (2.6 MB)


… perhaps ‘Patch’ should be appropriate, but Rhino crashes each time I try ?

Hey all,

Sorry to bump this, but I keep trying and didn’t find a solution - any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



This could be one way. (1.3 MB)