How to work with a rhino file in multiple computers

Here at work, when we try to work together with a single rhino file in different computers the textures dont come along with the file.

We tried to locate the rhino file and textures at same folder in the server we share but it didnt work to. I know its possible to designate a folder that rhino will browse every time it has trouble locating a texture file, but not quite sure how and here this asset is…

Maybe you guys know a method to work with the same file in multiple computers? The main problem with that is losing the textures…

Thank you!

What renderer are you using? We have Brazil and it is a bit of a hassle, though it hasn’t been a problem in a while as long as every machine ‘sees’ the same server location as the exact same drive. The file paths are under Options->Files. If the files are in the same folder as the Rhino file, that should work though.

What happens sometimes, though again not in a while here, is that the materials get “messed up” and the textures wind up pointing to some sort of local cache with a GUID for a name. Is that what’s happening to you?

Rhino can carry texture images in the file if you turn on the tool. AND if your current renderer uses it.
Options > Document properties > Rendering; check the option for Saving support files in the 3dm file.