Textures and project moved to data storage

Hi, I’m new at 3d projecting and I’ve a little problem.
I don’t know how to move the project to a data storage with texture and how I can see the project with textures applied when I open it in another computer.
Sorry for grammar errors I’m not English.
Thanks for the attention.

For best results, I recommend keeping ALL texture maps in the same folder as your Rhino .3DM file. This is easy and the closest you will get to foolproof.

I believe you can also embed Rhino textures in the Rhino file, but I usually don’t do this this because I am always changing and testing materials – and I use V-Ray.

The key to this approach : make sure to copy the entire folder when you switch computers.

So, i put on the texture again when they are in the project folder, right?

I actually do this a little bit differently by only applying the texture map one time. First, I copy the texture map into the project folder (where the .3DM Rhino file is located.) Then, I make a material with that texture map and apply it to my geometry.

So, I have only applied it once and it should stay applied no matter which computer I continue working on. The key is to move or copy the whole folder when you switch computers.

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The method Dave mentioned is a good one you can apply to most any modeling and rendering program. If you are using the default Rhino Renderer or Brazil for Rhino you can also embed the textures used in materials and environments into the actual 3dm using this option.

Other rendering plugins may or may not support this Rhino embedding feature.