Missing texture images

Hi everybody,

I work on files situated on a server which I share with my boss. When I open his files (created with Rhino 5), the images he used as textures are missing.
We put all the images in a textures database on the server, specifically so we could share those files and this wouldn’t happen.

When I try to swap new images for the missing ones in the dialog box that pops up, nothing happens. Once I open the file (in Rhino 6), I can’t upload new images in the textures settings. I can indicate the pathway to the images but it doesn’t take that into account so all my renderings are blank.

Please help me, I’m sure i’m missing a very basic thing here, but it is really annoying,

many thanks,


Hi Max - in V5, DocumentProperties > Rendering page, make sure ’ Save support files in 3dm file’ is checked. If that helps, set up your templates with this setting.