How to link/embed image textures from materials into a rhino file to share between computers?

I’m sure this is simple, but I don’t see a check box relating to this in the material editor.

Hello - in V6, the Save or SaveAs dialog has a check box to save textures - this should be checked by default. In V5 there is a setting in DocumentProperties > Rendering page to ‘Save support files’


Thank you for the fast response.

If for some reason I do not want to save the textures to the same location of the Rhino file (because e.g. it creates a lot of clutter, or the textures are too big, or the textures need to be centrally updated), is there a solution for the following problem:

Textures are on a server, so Rhino links to the server. However, some computers access the server via its IP (like \\share\texture.jpg), others via the DNS name (like \servername\share\texture.jpg) or variants (like \servername.local\share\texture.jpg), let alone Mac’s (using smb:// and variants as above). Rhino does not recognize that all the links are essentially the same and puts our missing file messages.

I am sure Rhino is not the problem, but the OS … However, any idea / workaround? … Except the above by @pascal :slight_smile: