Transfering a .3dm file without losing the textures

Hello everyone,

I apply different textures on my buildings, but when I send the 3dm file to someone else, they can’t see the textures on the rendered form although they have the texture images folder on their computer.

Is there any way to integrate textures into the program so that any one that I sent the 3dm file and the texture images folder can see my textures are already applied?

I will be looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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Hi Pinar - by default, Rhino packs textures into the 3dm file for Rhino materials - are you using some other renderer?


Hi Pascal,

I add the image from here (textures --> Color), I didn’t use the default textures that Rhino provides for some parts.

Hello - is this screen shot from the computer where the textures are added or some other machine? If this is on another machine that does not have the textures, then on the original machine, when you save the file, make sure that saving textures is set - it should be, that is default bahavior - you can see if you use

Are we getting anywhere?


Thank you so much. When the image and the 3dm file are in different folders, it cannot find the image and it looks like this:

However when I put both the image and the 3dm file on the desktop, it worked.

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Hi Pinar - I can’t tell if this is on the original machine or not. The images should not need to be in the same folder as the 3dm file. Are you using V6?

What should happen is this:
If you apply a texture using an image on your machine, Rhino should keep track of where that image is and use it.
When you save, by default, the images are embedded into the 3dm file. When the file opens, a folder is created with all the images. If Rhino cannot find the original images (for example on another machine), then it looks in that folder and uses the ones in there.


Hi again Pascal,

The screenshot was not taken on the original machine. I created the solid on the original machine, added a texture on the original machine, saved it with the mark on “save textures”. Then emailed myself the 3dm file and the image. After that, I downloaded it on the other computer, opened it, and it gave me the error you see on the picture: “image not found” (In that case, the image was in “downloads” folder, and the 3dm file was on the desktop.)

I don’t know what v6 means…

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Hi Pinar - it seems that something is broken. Can you email the same file to, to my (Pascal) attention?

@aksupi Ok, this is V5 and not V6. In V5, open DocumentProperties > Rendering page and check the box for saving the support files with the file and then Save. This is a per-document setting in V5.

Does that do it?


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I’ve sent the email.

Thank you so much.


Thank you so much! It is working now. I don’t even need to send the images, sending only the 3dm file will be sufficient! :nerd_face: