How to use NamedView with shortcut / no side panel?

I am developing a tutorial where I want to switch to a specific NamedView, but not use the sidebar. I am looking for a command line or shortcut key that I could use ‘invisibly’ (the interface would not noticeably change) and call up a specific NamedView called “finale” for the tutorial ending

Is this possible?

When I use the command via the side panel, I don’t see the command line inputs.

UPDATE: I was finally able to get some commands from the command line and use those for an attempted keyboard shortcut. Here’s my text:

_NamedView _Restore "finale"

All I get is the following error in the command line:

Command: '_SetMaximizedViewport
Name of viewport to maximize: Perspective
Unable to find viewport named Perspective

What’s wrong with just typing ‘finale’ on the command line? (if, of course, you have a named view with that name).
I have several named views set up in my template and just type ‘v1’ or ‘v5’ to get that view.


Nothing is wrong with it … because it works! Thank you.

I have made a lot of shortcuts, so I had assumed my formal (incorrect) format was required. I had read the documentation and didn’t see this excellent suggestion anywhere. It is working great with the manual typing method.

However, I still can’t seem to make it work with a keyboard shortcut. That would be the best…

EDIT : i got it working! The key is to omit ALL of the extra space, apostrophe, and underscore characters.

My shortcut was simply finale and it worked. SWEET!