'perspective' shortcut after named view

Is there a way to make a shortcut/hotkey to go back / forth between ‘perspective’ and a named view?

I use hotkey to change viewports with maximized view. However, if I was looking at a named view, '_SetMaximizedViewport - perspective doesn’t work. I thought it’d be go back to perspective since it’s Rhino default view, but it looks like it doesn’t find perspective view unless perspective view is actually being used.

I found out I could use '_SetView World Perspective, but it’s not perfect. If I were looking at top view, I will lose the top view in that view port. I guess I’d like to have a way to switch to a designated viewport when I setview to perspective so that I can still keep orthographic viewports.

Or viewports could be numbered so that a command can be made to go to a specific viewport.

Hello - tryBringViewportToTop and/or NextPerspectiveViewport and/or NextOrthoViewport.


Thank you.
I solved it with two different commands with hotkeys.

If I am looking at a named view in the perspective view port, I run ‘SetView World Perspective’ as soon as I’m done with the view. Unfortunately it shows a random location, but I can select something before the setview so that I can do zoom_selected.

Now I can use ‘SetMaximizedViewport - perspective’ when I’m on other orthographic viewports.