Alias: NamedView

Is there a way to create a alias to quickly create a namedview of current viewport? Im trying to avoid going in to the namedview panel as much as possobile as it drains my computer power.

I.e - !_CreateNamedView _pause _name

<3 Cheers and merry christmas!

Hi Filip -
I’m assuming that you’d want to pause to input the name. If so, this should work:

-NamedView Save pause enter


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Hi @filip.heim
-namedview save pause enter should work.
HTH, Jakob
LOL… What @wim said :rofl:

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As a side note, this is probably because the thumbnails take long to be generated each time, which is badly implemented and indeed can get very slow and unusable. That setting is a default unfortunately, but if you RMB-click on namedviews list, you can switch the view to List and have no more Thumbnails/slowdown.



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