Alias for selecting a named view

I think I’m very late to the party, but I just started using named views in my workflow. Is there any way that I can set up an alias to swap between various named views? Clicking the named view thumbnail is really easy, but I like using the keyboard for as much as possible.


Hi Jake - comands that have dialogs or other UI besides the command line can be scripted with the dash version, so:

_-NamedView _Restore “ViewName” _Enter

Note dash in front of NamedView.


Thanks! works great, and good tip, I’ll be using that.

Hi Jake -
You can also simply type the named view’s name.
I name my views v0, v1, x1, p1, etc and to restore one, I just type x1 and hit enter.
If you use longer names, I suppose an alias would be more useful.

ah sweet, that makes it even easier thanks!