Wish: Accessing named GH views via shortcut

Would be amazing if it was possible to switch between named views or access them via shortcuts.

Quickly getting to the initial parameters of a script for example and going back where someone was takes up quite some time.

Possible workflow could look like this:

Like the shortcut in browser tabs (at least in safari), where one would hit for example: “ctrl”+“alt” +“1” (1… being the first named view in GH, 2… the second etc.) and ideally a combination to jump back where one was.

This would speed some things up a lot.


I just did an UserObject that once added to the canvas, it allows to set shortcuts in the named views via File > Preferences… > Interface > Shortcuts > View.

The component is located at Params > Util.

Named View Shortcuts.ghuser (3.1 KB)


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Awesome! Did a quick test, but it keeps saying, that there are no named views:

You have to instantiate the component after create the named views and after that open the preferences window.