How to use Image sampler for a selected frame on a vector grid?


I have been using image sampler to manipulate points in a vector grid. But what if I want to use it only for a part of points in a grid? I would like to select points from vector grid with rectangle and then use image sampler to lift up those points, then weave the data back together and draw NURBS curves through the points.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Using image sampler for a part of (15.8 KB)

Something like this?

Using image sampler for a part of (56.4 KB)


Exactly, thanks a lot!

I think this Sift pattern & Combine data components will be useful in many of my future projects.

After thinking a while I even managed to modify your definition so that it can have multiple frames with different images. Would you care to comment on my modification if there would be more elegant way of doing it? It does its job perfectly as it is now, but something tells me it could be a bit cleaner somehow.

Anyway, thank you once more!

Using image sampler for a part of (109.6 KB)